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A Medfet workshop at Celestial Studios in Derby!

My good friend Dr Sara and I recently held a Medical Fetish Workshop at the amazing https://www.celestialstudios.co.uk/ which is owned by the one and only https://www.viviennelamour.com/ but more about this fabulous venue and Mistress later.

The workshop started with an introduction from Dr Sara who then went on to talk about the importance of hygiene and the difference between sterilizing fluids for tools, surfaces and the human body. Followed by a demonstration by yours truly on how to insert a catheter using a sterile field. I have seen many insertions of catheters on various social media platforms which dare I say have been a little dodgy to say the least. So, I chose to show the attendees the long way round to inserting a catheter. That meaning, from a sterile field in stages. I think the class were quite surprise to see how much preparation and consumables are needed to perform such a procedure. It also helped them to understand why medical sessions are more expensive.

My second demonstration was how to use surgical staples to secure a zip for cbt play. Then later, how to remove the staples safely afterwards. A few of the class were invited to come and get some 'hands-on' experience, and I must say, one or two of them took to it like a duck to water. 

We had a lunch break where we got to chat to some of the Mistresses who attended the workshop before the second part of the course got underway with Dr Sara conducting demonstration on Breath-play, starting with re-breathing. This is Dr Sara's forte' and she knows the subject inside and out. If you're looking for a Mistress to administer anaesthesia play look no further https://medical-mistress.co.uk/breath-play/

Dr Sara then went on to talk about aromas, the safe way, do's and don'ts which we all found very informative. 

To round off the workshop, out came my surgical stapler again to perform what we call a nipple-ectomy. This is where you fold the skin over the nipple, covering it completely, then staple the flaps together. To variate the demonstration I used copper wire to show how you can administer electrics under the staples and across the nipple. Again a few of the ladies took the opportunity to have a go for themselves. 

I took my collared sub Phoenix to demonstrate my procedures on, it's lucky he has a strong constitution, he did us proud!

The workshop was extremely well received and had some good feedback.

Celestial Studios 

Owned by the multitalented Mistress Vivienne L'Amour. A Mistress that could show us all a thing or two. She is not only beautiful but charismatic, funny, empathetic, full of energy and ideas. 

She has created Celestial Studio's from scratch and her hard work and dedication to give her friends, clients and kink community a safe place to explore and play, are a credit to her. Each room is themed and available for hire. This venue plays host to the renowned Circus Maximus, which are themed fetish nights that feature burlesque acts. Check out there events page here https://www.celestialstudios.co.uk/events/

She has to be the UKs top Dominatrix and to achieve all this by the age of 30 years is astounding! Well done Viv.

by mistressjane.portalhosting.co.uk
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