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Multiple-Male-Milking event 23rd & 24th Feb'23

My good friend, the one and only Medical Mistress from Milton Keynes Dr Sara and I will be holding another Multiple-Male-Milking event on 23rd and 24th Feb'23 at The Fetish Ward in Wiltshire near Chippenham. 

The milking will be powered by a mechanical milking machine unless any participant favours any other type as I have many. There will be two milking sessions held on each day. One at 11am and the second at 3pm and each should last for around 75 minutes.

Dr Sara and I will be your milk maids and controlling the whole experience from the moment you walk in, to the moment you are secured to your designated milking station. 

We held the first of its kind last November and due to its success we have decided to host another, but this one is going to be bigger and better!

The milking will be powered by Generation-F milker which was used very successfully at our last event and received much praise from all who attended.  

Places are filling up so if you are interested in bagging yourself a spot, don't delay. Contact me for the full details and requirements mistressjane4u@hotmail.co.uk 

Full details below.

The event takes place at my bespoke Milking clinic in Wiltshire and between junction 16 & 17 off the M4 at either exit of Swindon or Chippenham. General area postcode is SN15.

If it's the multi-milking I am holding a 2-day event on 23rd and 24th February. Places cost £150 each and the milking lasts for 75 minutes. To reserve one's place there is a £50 none refundable booking fee which is then deducted from the net amount leaving £100 to pay on the day. 

Participants must be 30 years plus. During the milking process you can cum as many times as you wish. If after orgasm, you feel you'd like the machine turned off, one just needs to raise their hand. Each participant has their own milking bed which are spaced about 1 meter apart. 

Participants are expected to be naked during milking and a hood to protect one's identity is handed out on arrival. Arrival times are staggered. On entry you will be greeted by Mistress Jane. She will show you to an area where you can undress, then taken to The Milking Room, where you will be positioned by one of the Mistresses on milking duty.  

There can be anything between 4 and 6 males at each milking.

If you'd like to stay for the day and join two milking sessions, you can. A light lunch and drinks will be provided as well as the shower at the end, the day would cost £300.

If you would rather not be naked,  rubber wear is available. There is an extra charge of £30 to pay on top of the £150 fee for those who wish to wear rubber. We will need your waist and chest size plus your height if you wish wear rubber. 

Shower facilities are NOT available with this type of session. However, a toilet and wash basin are of course.

Milking schedule for 23rd Feb

start time-11am-multiple milking = No 1

start time-3pm-multiple milking = No 2

Milking schedule for 24th Feb

start time-11am-multiple milking = No 3

start time-3pm-multiple milking = No 4

If you would like to participate, upon reply please confirm your age and supply your sizes if you wish to wear rubber. Make sure you add which milking schedule you'd like to book in to, example 'No 4'.

These sessions might be filmed and photographed. You will be hooded in a lycra open eye and mouth hood. Any distinguishing features such as tattoo's will be covered over by us. Alternatively, you can request to opt to wear rubber for the additional £30 charge, you can also bring your own rubber wear if you wish.

By agreeing to participate you are acknowledging and agreeing to be photographed and filmed for advertising and social media. 

There is plenty of on-site parking.

Buses are infrequent to the area.

Taxi from the nearest station in Chippenham takes 20 minutes at a cost of between £20-£25 each way.

Once your application to participate has been received after you have thoroughly read and understood ALL the above information, you will receive a reply containing payment information so you can pay your booking/reservation fee. A reference code will be allocated to each participant for them to use when paying. Once you have paid the fee and let me know you will receive your booking confirmation.


I agree that Mistress Jane or Sara will not be held responsible for any injury resulted from our risk-aware and consensual play/milking session. 

by mistressjane.portalhosting.co.uk
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