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Rubber Drone five-man multiple-milking

Five rubber drones all positioned and primed ready for the first ever Multiple-Milking of its kind in the UK. 

As the Generation-F milking machine started up, I had to react quickly to get all petz sucking simultaneously. The 'petz' are the Perspex tubes that fit to the penis btw. What an awesome site and wow, what a machine. Capable of tackling two cocks with the one pump and machine without losing power. I'm in awe and my rubber drones, they're in paradise. 

Before the machines were switched on, the drones lay still and quietly, a little shy I suppose. Well, it didn't take them long to break the ice. Their moans and groans filled the room, and it didn't take long before they threw caution to the wind and let their inhibitions go 'out the window'. Hips thrusting, eyes rolling and yes, cummimg! Needless to say, that within the hour all five rubber drones had cum, some more than once. 

None of them had met previously but by the end when offered tea and biscuits, it was like they were all old friends. Chatting away about cars and such like. What a day.

I will be holding other multiple milking events next year. I can accommodate up to six participants at any one time. Don't forget to register your interest for my next multiple male milking event and get notified before the advert goes live. 

Your milkmaid needs You!

by mistressjane.portalhosting.co.uk
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