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Southwest Mistress holds first ever Multiple-Milking event!

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. The Fetish Ward saw the return of Dr Sara from The Practice in Milton Keynes. We had a great time and filled our two-day extravaganza with a few firsts. 

Our first guest was 'Floor f*cker', that was a first for me...Oink Oink! Can't say I've ever seen anyone bring their own sleeping bag with them then try to f*ck it. Such a giggle and a really fun session.

On the 3rd of November we hosted our first ever Multiple Milking event. Not only was it a first for us but the first in the UK! and probably Europe. As each participant arrived at a pre-arranged staggered time as not to cross each other and to help keep things discreet. I greeted each one in, showed them where to change then passed them on to Dr Sara who greeted them into The Milking Parlour. She supplied each with a hood and then positioned them onto their designated milking bed. 

Once all four participants were comfortable, Dr Sara and I gave each other the nod to 'switch-on the machines'! It really was a whirlwind of events as we didn't really get time to think. The noise war terrific...no, it really was! Dr Sara had a huge smile on her face as she watched her creation The Gen-F do its thing, a bit like an expectant farther would. You see its Dr Sara's baby. Let me explain. We used the Generation-F for our milking event. It's a fairly new next generation milking machine which Sara has developed, and this was the first time she had seen it wonk in this fashion, and a great success I might add. Look it up by clicking on the following link https://enfettered.com/product-category/generation-f/page/3/

Milking in action clip https://twitter.com/MistressJane3/status/1588294450983600128 You might only be able to view this clip if you are a member of twitter.

Tony kept us fed and watered between intervals throughout the day and Murphy kept giving us cuddles (Murphy is the dog). That evening my butler Ratchet cooked us all a lovely Thia curry. This set us up nicely for the following day which was to be a day spent treating our patients on The Fetish Ward. 

Our first patient was baby N, who had been sent to see the nurses for a few injections. We then saw Sissy Emma for nappy change and wankies. Then to round the day off we saw patient R, who received an enema. Enjoyed some breath play with re breather, saline infusion. Estim and we tested out some new nipple toys by enfettered https://enfettered.com/, see them in action by following this link https://twitter.com/MistressJane3/status/1589605971126804481

All in all, a great success. Dr Sara will be returning next year. Don't forget to register your interest so you can be the first to be notified before the advert goes live!

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