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Multiple-male milking Nov 3rd '22

On the 3rd of Nov, Dr Sara and I will be piloting a multi-slave milking event. There will be one at 3pm which is now fully booked and a second one at 5.30pm, of which we have availability.

Each milking will have four participants' and will last for 1 hour. The fee for the hour is £150. A pre-paid non-refundable booking fee of £50 is required from each participant leaving the total payable on the day of £100. 

Each participant will be hooded with an open mouth and eye hood.

We intend to use the Generation-F mechanical male milking machine whilst each participant is lay secured by hands and ankles to a medical bed (see pic). There will be other milkers on hand such as Venus 2000 in the event someone isn't happy/compatible with the G-F.

If a participant wishes to cum, they may do as many times as they wish within the hour. 

If we feel the event has worked well, more events like this will be held in the future with longer duration.

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