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The search for Bristol Mistress

Update and a quick catch-up!

*A few clients who've visited me recently, and for the first time have all told me the same thing. My site didn't come-up when searching in the Southwest region. Two of these clients are based in Bristol and both came across me accidentally. So, chaps extend your search area, and you might just fine what you're looking for. Perhaps I need to mention Bristol Mistress or Bristol Dominatrix a little more in my blogs. After all, I'm only a short 30-minute from Bristol at Junction 17 on the M4.

*I've also been getting lots of enquiries from people wanting to hire my dungeon. I will eventually hire it out to private couples and players but have no plans as yet to hire to pro Dommes. There are a few things I need to get in place before hiring it out. Once its ready, I'll advertise it as such.

*I recently launched my own clip store https://mistressjanesplayground.co.uk/ So it you're a fan or not able to visit me for whatever reason, then this is the next best thing. Custom clips are also available once the scene has been agreed by me before purchase!

*Live streaming from real-time sessions.... Sound too good to be true...but it's in the pipeline so keep your eyes and ears peeled for live-stream kink from my world class chambers near Bristol (-;

*Dr Sara will be back in November and joining Dr Jane at https://twitter.com/TheFetishWard in Wiltshire. Last time we filled the two days within 2 weeks of the initial advert launch. We both received several last-minute enquiries the day before our two-day Double Domme and on the actual days. We don't like turning business away, So, if you want a session with us both, get in touch asap and if we need to add another day, making it a three-day Double Domme event, then that's what we'll do. Aren't we good to you.

We offer Dungeon BDSM sessions as well as medical fetish sessions. Breath-play, saline infusions or/and injections, bladder control, anal play, prostate massage, urethral sounding, nipple play/suction, c&b play, estim, bondage, latex, male milking machine, orgasm control, flogging, cp, single tail, caning, sissy play, suspension are just a few of the services on offer.

*T-Girl Gigi is back with a BANG! literally...LOL She joined me for a day of kink on Sept 7th. The day was fully booked within 3 days of the advert being launched, then gradually people started dropping out. However, we had some last-minute takers, and the day was a success. We met naughty Nikki from twitter, so much fun. Then the next session was a shared session. So, three subs were present with both Gigi and me. You can guess the rest, total filth and utter debauchery ensued, and I thought I couldn't be shocked. I've seen it all now. We didn't take any photo's which was a shame, but the clients need to agree beforehand and two of the subs weren't happy about a camera being present which is fine. So, the camera went in the draw, and we are left with our memories instead. 

Gigi will be back, we've not penned a date yet, but she will be back for a day of sessions. Which if you haven't already worked out are aimed at bi curious males. She'll also be joining the live streaming, which is being planned and, in the pipeline, as we speak.

That's all my news for the moment.

See you soon.

by mistressjane.portalhosting.co.uk
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