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Inflation Play-Saline Infusion and injections.

I have recently received a few enquiries regarding scrotal inflation. Scrotal infusion is whereby 0,09% Saline is fed through an IV line and into the scrotum. Other parts of the body can also be infused but I will only infuse the scrotum in this manner. The saline is then absorbed by the body over a few hours BUT in many cases can take a few days, and this is what You need to realise! Most chaps aren't able to go home with a pair of bahoolies the size of a large grapefruit. So, please bear this in mind when enquiring.

Some other forms of CBT cannot be carried out once the scrotum has been infused with saline. For instance, ball busting or any impact. Common sense should tell you that but you'd be surprised.

If you're thinking about having an infusion you will need a minimum session time of 90 minutes but longer is preferable.

Before any fetish medical procedure can be administered, you will need to answer a series of questions as some procedures are not suited to everyone.

Saline injections are small singular injections which can be administered in most places. I tend to stick to the skin surrounding the nipple, scrotum, penis (but not enlarging). The syringe is placed just below the epidermal layer. As the saline is administered the syringe is pulled back and a small bump is left visible, a bit like a small blister. 

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