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Soon to be offering Breath Play

After much thought and a little coaxing from my friends in Milton Keynes. I recently took the decision to learn Breath Play. I've always felt very wary of this type of play, hence the reason for not offering it before, but all that is to change. I wanted to learn how to administer it as safely as possible. Dr Sara has been kind enough to give me some expert tuition over the past few weeks. Not only that, but I am also been taught by a breath play enthusiast who's interest in this subject spans over 30 years. What Dr. Sara and the breath play enthusiast don't know, ain't worth knowing. I'm learning from the best!

A new acquisition arrived at my chambers last week from https://enfettered.com/ and here is what I bought https://enfettered.com/product/enfettered-twin-rebreather-goldman-halothane-vaporiser-rig/ Although mine has a few extras so I can use N.

Playing safely is paramount. So, exciting times all round. 

Once I'm ready to offer this service I will advertise it. 


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