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Tickle Torture Fetish

I had a really fun session earlier today. My guest travelled down from Birmingham which took him around 2 hours. He visits me around once every year for a session of 'No Mercy' tickle torture with some 'No Mercy' post orgasm torment at the end. 

I strap him tightly to my bondage bed, then blindfold him so he doesn't know when I'm about to pounce. I usually end up removing my shoes at this stage so he doesn't hear me creeping around the bed. Well, you should have heard him laugh, which started me off, but it didn't take long before he got tired and out of breath. 

I don't think people realise how strenuous and draining tickle torture can be. He's struggling, laughing and wriggling all at the same time and it really does make the receiver quite breathless quite quickly. It really does take it out of you. After a bout of intense tickling I stopped and let him catch his breath while I played with his cock.

As soon as he'd calmed down I assumed the position and got ready to pounce, while all the time trying to not laugh out loud. Towards the end of his tickle torture session I began to masturbate him and all the while telling him how I think he's bitten off more than he can chew, to which he agreed. But, no mercy means exactly that and once he'd cum, I gave his cock some serious palming. He begged, he wriggled and he laughed, nervously I might add. Eventually, I came to a stop. He was totally drained and lay exhausted, whilst panting with the look of satisfaction on his face.

What fun! He had a shower then after we sat with a cuppa and a biscuit or two and chatted away before he headed home to Brum.

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