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Double Domination event 17th & 18th May!
TGirl Gigi and Wiltshire Mistress Jane on 21st Feb'23
Multiple-Male-Milking event 23rd & 24th Feb'23
Rubber Drone five-man multiple-milking
Southwest Mistress holds first ever Multiple-Milking event!
Medical Fetish event 4th Nov '22
Multiple-male milking Nov 3rd '22
Tribute increase as from 01st Oct 2022
The search for Bristol Mistress
Inflation Play-Saline Infusion and injections.
My own Clip store at long last. Wiltshire Mistress
Alana Feendish & Mistress Jane 5th & 6th September.
T-Girl Gigi & me 7th Sept.
Mistress Jane The Wiltshire Domina
Tickle Torture Fetish
Leather Bondage Mistress
Leather Bondage Mistress

As his anticipation grew, his throbbing manhood could no longer contain itself, and out it popped!

Double Domme on 3rd & 4th August
A visit from the one and only Dr.Sara
Southwest Dominatrix Mistress Jane
The week so far plus Interview with Podopheleus
What is Urethral Sounding?
Breath Play & Milking Focused day with Dr.Sara & Mistress Jane
Bondage dungeon Mistress Wiltshire
Bondage dungeon Mistress Wiltshire

Dungeon's are sexy, if you don't agree come and play in mine. Its a kinksters dream. Beautifully furnished dungeon play space in North Wiltshire.

Medical Fetish Mistress Jane of Wiltshire
Medical Fetish Mistress Jane of Wiltshire

Visit Mistress Jane's state-of-the-Art Fetish ward in Wiltshire. Examinations, treatments carried out by Rubber Nurse Jane. Sample required!