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Medical Fetish

Welcome to The Fetish Ward
where Nurse Jane offers all manner of treatments and procedures

To book your visit please click on the following link to find out what information is needed for an appointment  /Book-a-Session-2/ 

Here you will find all the necessary information needed to make a booking at The Fetish Ward. Make sure you supply a brief but informative synopsis as to any previous experience you might have and what treatments and procedures you seek on this occasion.

Please bear in mind, I fully understand that not everyone wants invasive procedures. Medical sessions are built around your interests and play level. They can consist of a mild examination if that's all you want.

Nurse Jane welcome's you to her Medical Fetish Ward. A state-of-the-art facility with four medical beds which are covered with jade latex. Sitting centrally to the room is a Gynae chair. This truly magical creation is not only motorised for ease of positioning. The cushioning is ergonomically designed for comfort. There are several fully adjustable restraint belts as well as a head restraint to prevent the patient from trying to look around to see what's coming next!. The patients legs sit comfortably in the stirrups which are also adjustable, and lastly, there is a F*cking machine that can be attached to the chair if and when needed.

Each partition is separated with a jade latex curtain. There is mood lighting to help create an atmospheric ambience. As well as mirrored walls, so the patient can watch as Nurse Jane administers one's treatment.

The Fetish Ward has underfloor heating as well as aircon and there are also shower facilities and changing area.

Who makes a good patient? Anyone who has an interest in Medical Fetish play. Or a fetish for nurses or both. If you're new to this type of play and worried about what might happen, then there's no need to be. Nothing will happen unless you have requested it! So, if you just wanted a very mild experience to include a general examination with some teasing then that's what you'll get.

Again, if it's the more extreme and invasive side of Medical play that you're looking for, I offer those too, please read the list of treatments below.

Nurse Jane is looking forward to your visit at 'The Fetish Ward' in Wiltshire.

Before you Book

  • Please please when booking make it clear whether you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication. As sessions can be modified to accommodate you.
  • When you arrive we will have an initial consultation to discuss the finer points and your interests which you outlined in your email synopsis. Once we are both happy to proceed, your appointment shall begin.
  • There are patient gowns in cotton or rubber. As well as all manner of rubber available for you to wear. Your Nurse can wear cotton NHS or Rubber uniform. So please let Nurse Jane know your preference when making your appointment.

Available Treatments

Procedures and Treatments.

  • Auscultation examination
  • Depilation-Genital Shaving
  • Catheterisation 
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • General overall full body examination & probing.
  • Nipple Play-Suction-Clamping
  • Restraint
  • Vacuum and Penis pumping (Manual & Machine)
  • Penis Enlargement-Manipulation
  • Penis Binding-Bondage
  • Testicular Manipulation-Binding-Stretching
  • Rubber Medical-Gummi
  • Straitjackets and sleep-sac
  • Light Breath Play-Re Breather-Anaesthetic Mask-Bagging
  • Sensation Play-Ice-Pinwheel
  • Violet Wand Treatment
  • Electro Stimulation
  • Orgasm Control-Edging-Denial-Specimen
  • Prostate Massage
  • Mechanical Milking-Serious Kit-Venus 2000-Tremblr-GenerationF
  • ED-Engorging by use of Robojac and pumping and bands.

  • Invasive Examination
  • Digital Rectal Examination-Stretching-Dilation -Insertions-Stimulation-Retractors-Proctoscope
  • Urethral Sounds-Rosebud-Hegar Dilator- Estim Sound
  • Needle Play-Art
  • Urinary Procedures
  • Gender Modification-Him to Her
  • Mechanical Milking
  • Sperm Sample Required-In some cases more than once!


All services are carried out at your own risk. Hygiene is of the upmost importance. This is fetish role play and played out in a mock medical surrounding.