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Dear Mistress Jane,                                                                                      24/03/22

Thank you so much for agreeing to have a session with me today. For now, I need to debrief myself after a truly mind-blowing experience - but I wanted to take the first opportunity, since returning home, to let you know that I have left exhausted, refreshed, and elated. It truly was a [kinky] spa for the soul.

As you must have noticed, I was visibly shaking before the session, but placing myself in your hands seemed so very natural. I can't believe the session seemed to finish so quickly - yet I experienced so much.

I hope I played my part well. I thoroughly enjoyed letting someone take me outside of my comfort zone; me enjoying sucking cock - Who would have thought - I'm more concerned how natural it felt!!!! But then again, I was getting very turned on by your egging me on!

Afterwards, I was so pleased to have been able to have a chat and have the opportunity to meet you, without having the shakes. I especially loved the opportunity to look around your dungeon afterwards and with my glasses on! You really have the most amazingly impressive space. So, a huge sincere thank you.

May you continue to be successful, "Geek Queen of Torturous, Pleasure Machines".

Sincere and Kindest Regards

Hello MJ,                                                          25/04/22

I just wanted to say thank you again for the session I had with you on Monday. Although it ended early because I couldn't get back in the zone after I had ejaculated, I have to say that before that happened I would never have believed that I could have an orgasm whilst being tortured.

I am convinced that it was such an erotic experience because I was so immersed in the fantasy due to the skilful way you played your part, even as you were restraining me you were asking me about the tasks I had done for 'Debbie' and that set the tone before you even made the role play phone call to her. Once the torture started at Debbie's bidding, I was well and truly aroused and the rest is history. I shall learn from that and save the best to last, so to speak, the next time I come to see you.

Best wishes

Hello Mistress,                                              27/04/22

I hope you’re well. 

I would like to say a massive thank you for last nights session. As my first session with a Pro mistress, that was absolutely mind-blowingly amazing! It was a lovely drive home, with me feeling relaxed and refreshed after a really good session. 

You made me feel so welcome and looked after, whilst your knowledge and ideas are outstanding. I hope you enjoyed playing with me. I know I really enjoyed all the machines and probes you put into or onto me….not to forget your cruel hands on my nipples! haha 

Your play spaces are second to none, and the range of equipment you have are simply mind-blowing! 

Thank you again. 

Kind regards,


Good afternoon Mistress Jane,                   02/05/22

I'd like to thank you, Mistress Jane for the most exquisite and fun filled session I have ever experienced within the BDSM world.

As my satnav brought me closer, I could feel my mouth drying, my palms sweating. 10 minutes away, 5 minutes away, 1 minute… *gulp*

As I parked up in the most tranquil and discreet of locations, my legs started to turn to jelly. Following Mistress’ instructions, I knocked on the door… my heart was pounding. The door opened, I was greeted by Mistress Jane, who was dressed to kill, but had the warmest of smiles and welcomed me in for a pre session chat. 

Mistress very quickly helped settle my nerves and took the time to get an understanding of my interests, my experience level and what I would most like to experience. Mistress made some suggestions and took on board my limits, from there, I had a chance to take a tour of her play space, then the session was a go.

It was an absolutely mind blowing blur of a session, like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. Every detail had been thought out meticulously by Mistress, from dressing me up, strapping me in to various pieces of furniture, and administering all kinds of treats and torments throughout the session. 

Mistress Jane kept a few surprises in store during the session, things I had never really explored before, somehow Mistress knew exactly what buttons to press, and at what time to get the desired reaction. Pushing my limits and knowing exactly when to stop. 

The climax, securely strapped to the Hellion, with an overload of all of the senses, left my head spinning. I have never known 4 hours to go so quickly. So much explored, already cannot wait to explore some more in the near future. 

The aftercare was also very thought through. Just a bit of time to come back down to earth, without any pressure, time to process the session with a cup of tea, chocolate bar and a nice chat. 

Thank you Mistress Jane!

I genuinely believe you will not find a more understanding, better equipped, more knowledgeable Mistress in the UK.

Thank you again. I look forward to seeing you again. 

Take care,