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Testimonial for my appointment with Southwest Mistress Jane.                                     25May22

I followed Mistress Jane’s straight forward directions to the letter and arrived with no hitches (The yellow bucket is genius). There is safe and discreet off-road parking at the rear of the house and to the front of Mistresses beautiful chambers. An idyllic setting for sure.

As I knocked on the dungeon door, Mistress Jane invited me in. We sat and had our pre session chat. Especially as I had not seen Mistress for a while. Once our chat was done, I was directed to luxury shower room where I prepared myself ready for Mistress.

I loved the attention to detail, especially triangle folded toilet paper. Everything was spotless and gleaming.

I presented myself as instructed by Mistress Jane (Naked) She had pre-selected my rubber doll outfit which consisted of black and transparent latex, which felt and looked amazingly scrumptious. I especially loved the huge rubber breasts, hood, pussy pants and heeled boots.

I was now in total rubber heaven as Mistress Jane’s Rubber Doll!

Mistress then put me in a collar and led me round her bespoke chambers which I might add, are in a class of their own. The new dungeon furniture is absolutely outstanding and made by a company called Enfettered I believe. 

I was gagged then strapped to one of the new pieces of equipment that Mistress has aptly named Frankenstein's table and where I had my initial inspected. Her verbal's got inside my head, and I suddenly became her slutty Rubber Doll.

Mistress had me to suck a dildo. Estim was applied to my privates which felt very erotic and caused me to moan. It felt so amazing waiting for the ebb and flow of the electricity.

Later, I was moved on to another piece of Mistresses amazing dungeon furniture for my first ever time on an F -Machine. WOW. It was awesome! I would certainly recommend it. Mistress Jane then plugged me after the machine had finished.

Mistress decided that I wasn't performing to her satisfaction so gagged me then strapped me to her Spanking Bench and where I received a spanked bottom.

Finally, I was suspended in a very comfortable leather harness, an interesting feeling not having my heels touching the ground. Mistress talked me through the milking process, as she attached me to her new milking machine. Telling me how she was going to milk me dry and how I had to me her quota! It felt like nothing else on earth, truly awesome. My knees trembled and you can guess the rest.

A truly amazing day in Mistress Jane beautiful and well-equipped chambers. I'm still smiling four days later, highly recommended.

Rubber Doll Shelly.


Good afternoon Mistress Jane,                   02/05/22

I'd like to thank you, Mistress Jane for the most exquisite and fun filled session I have ever experienced within the BDSM world.

As my satnav brought me closer, I could feel my mouth drying, my palms sweating. 10 minutes away, 5 minutes away, 1 minute… *gulp*

As I parked up in the most tranquil and discreet of locations, my legs started to turn to jelly. Following Mistress’ instructions, I knocked on the door… my heart was pounding. The door opened, I was greeted by Mistress Jane, who was dressed to kill, but had the warmest of smiles and welcomed me in for a pre session chat. 

Mistress very quickly helped settle my nerves and took the time to get an understanding of my interests, my experience level and what I would most like to experience. Mistress made some suggestions and took on board my limits, from there, I had a chance to take a tour of her play space, then the session was a go.

It was an absolutely mind blowing blur of a session, like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. Every detail had been thought out meticulously by Mistress, from dressing me up, strapping me in to various pieces of furniture, and administering all kinds of treats and torments throughout the session. 

Mistress Jane kept a few surprises in store during the session, things I had never really explored before, somehow Mistress knew exactly what buttons to press, and at what time to get the desired reaction. Pushing my limits and knowing exactly when to stop. 

The climax, securely strapped to the Hellion, with an overload of all of the senses, left my head spinning. I have never known 4 hours to go so quickly. So much explored, already cannot wait to explore some more in the near future. 

The aftercare was also very thought through. Just a bit of time to come back down to earth, without any pressure, time to process the session with a cup of tea, chocolate bar and a nice chat. 

Thank you Mistress Jane!

I genuinely believe you will not find a more understanding, better equipped, more knowledgeable Mistress in the UK.

Thank you again. I look forward to seeing you again. 

Take care,



Hello Mistress,                                             27/04/22

I hope you’re well. 

I would like to say a massive thank you for last night's session. As my first session with a Pro mistress, that was absolutely mind-blowingly amazing! It was a lovely drive home, with me feeling relaxed and refreshed after a really good session. 

You made me feel so welcome and looked after, whilst your knowledge and ideas are outstanding. I hope you enjoyed playing with me. I know I really enjoyed all the machines and probes you put into or onto me…. not to forget your cruel hands on my nipples! haha 

Your play spaces are second to none, and the range of equipment you have are simply mind-blowing! 

Thank you again. 

Kind regards,



Hello MJ,                                                          25/04/22

I just wanted to say thank you again for the session I had with you on Monday. Although it ended early because I couldn't get back in the zone after I had ejaculated, I have to say that before that happened I would never have believed that I could have an orgasm whilst being tortured.

I am convinced that it was such an erotic experience because I was so immersed in the fantasy due to the skilful way you played your part, even as you were restraining me you were asking me about the tasks I had done for 'Debbie' and that set the tone before you even made the role play phone call to her. Once the torture started at Debbie's bidding, I was well and truly aroused and the rest is history. I shall learn from that and save the best to last, so to speak, the next time I come to see you.

Best wishes


Dear Dr Jane and Dr Sara.                                                      24th MAY'2022

Where to start. Firstly, I must thank you both for an extraordinary appointment at Dr Jane's first class facility on 24th May. I can quite honestly say, there isn't anything quite like The Fetish Ward this side of Germany! Absolutely superb, you must feel very proud.

Now, on to the session itself. I was thrilled to get an appointment with you both as I know it filled up very quickly. The session itself was sublime. I do enjoy my breath-play and gadgets which I could see you had in great abundance. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop which is something you hear all the time no doubt. 

As Dr Sara placed the anaesthetic mask over my mouth and ordered me to 'Breathe', I was immediately lost in the game. Meanwhile Dr Jane wired me up to her estim units, and I can honestly say that in all my 24 years of experience, her estim skills are exceptional.

You both took me to new heights and I very much hope to see you both together hopefully on my return to the UK next year. Anyone thinking of visiting Dr Sara and Dr Jane, I urge you to do so, you won't be disappointed.

Warmest regards



Dear Mistress Jane,                                                     03 July 2022

As for our session at The Ward on Thursday, I don't know how to thank you enough for creating such a fabulous experience. 

The saline infusion has become a definite favourite of mine now, and it's great having you administer it. 

As it is always, needle-play is something that you have taught me how to enjoy with you, and I certainly do that. 

The new nipple electrodes which you introduced to me are the best ever. I was absolutely amazed at their capabilities.

The rebreathing and control was awesome, and especially in conjunction with what happened at the end. Just to look up, and see my dearest Mistress, who has me totally controlled is the best thing ever.

I would dearly love to do more of that with your help and guidance, please.

It totally blew me away, if you'll excuse the pun. 

Thank you for such an outstandingly enjoyable session. You are the best!

With my kindest regards, 

R.  xx


MJ-Recent No-Mercy Tickle Torture session.                                   27June2022

"I recently had another fantastic session with Mistress Jane, the first at her new place in Wiltshire. Her new facility is fantastic. As before, I found her very professional when booking, during and after the session with very clear communications. The directions given to her new place were spot on. I felt very safe during the session. However be careful what you wish for, as I decided to go for the stunt man approach with no safe word. I maybe bit of more than I could chew. I requested that I be secured naked spread eagle to her bondage bed by my wrists and ankles, gagged and blindfolded with nipple clamps applied. Then to be tickled mercilessly within an inch of my life. Then at the end of the session to receive one of her special cock massages, but not to stop when I ejaculated, but to carry on and subject me to some post orgasm torture. Well at the start, I thought that this is not to bad I can handle this, but after an hour of tickle cock and nipple torture I was starting to think can I really cope with this. However worse was to come with the post orgasm torture along with more tickling it became unbearable. My cries of mercy through the gag were ignored and the torture continued. I didn't think this unbearable torture would ever end. Eventually when MJ realised I had had enough the torture stopped. I then had a shower, a cup of tea and a biscuit and after a chat I drove home"



Dear Mistress,                                                                    19June2022

I just wanted to thank you for the session I had with you on Wednesday. 

As always, you started with a friendly chat, giving both of us the opportunity to clarify any points regarding the forthcoming session. 

I’d previously outlined my request to undergo some slut training, and had indicated my likes and dislikes. However, I’d also made it clear that you were in charge and were therefore at liberty to decide what was to happen to me. 

I wasn’t disappointed. You skilfully applied pain and pleasure, and it wasn’t long before I felt I was willing to obey your every command. 

The finale was fantastic, giving me an experience outside of my comfort zone, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Although it’s a bit further for me to get to you, it’s well worth it, particularly as your chambers are much larger and fitted with lots of new equipment, which I’m looking forward to trying out. 

Slut P.


Dear Mistress Jane,                                                          AUGUST 2022

Thank you ever so much for the great medical session at The Fetish Ward with yourself and Dr Sara.  

It was a fantastic honour to try out the new Goldman Halothane Vaporiser Rig incorporating rebreather with you and Dr Sara, and a splendid addition to The Fetish Ward.... and in the words of Madness, it's definitely "One Step Beyond" in your repertoire. I'm already looking forward to trying it again with you soon. 

Without going into details, the rest of the procedures to which I was subjected were sublime, and whenever I receive the estim via your latest nipple attachments I realise how addictive that is.... it's totally mind blowing! 

The final touch of total torment was your post orgasm torment which was outstandingly superb.

Anyway, massive thanks to both You and Dr Sara for such a great time. 

With my fondest regards, 

R.  xx


Hello Mistress                                                                     AUGUST 2022

I hope you and Domina Sara have had an enjoyable day - I wanted to thank you both for a fabulous session this morning - I was really looking forward to it and it was amazing. The suspension and breath play were awesome, and the end was great fun :)

Please pass on my extensive thanks to Domina Sara.

Yours Reb47 xx

Suspension bondage mistress


Dear Mistress Jane                                                           17 October '22

I would like to thank you for my session yesterday. As you could tell I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You are a very talented lady working from brilliant facilities in a lovely location. 

Until next time.

Slave T.


Hello MJ,                                                                            19 October '22

I just wanted to say thank you again for the session I had with you on Wednesday.

I was concerned that I had asked for too much detail in my particular role play fantasy, but you took the time to go over what I had written down with me and once you got into your stride you played your part to perfection, in fact you went further than that in the second stage as you developed the part beyond my expectations, much to my approval as I'm sure you realised at the time.

I have to say that the three hours flew by as I experienced incredible pleasure and pain, but even though I was pushed to my limits I always felt safe and the climax was truly memorable for me; the intensity of the orgasm was literally breathtaking.

I can honestly say that you make dreams come true for a living and there are not many people who can say they do that.




Hello Mistress Jane,                                                          session on 11 October '22

Particularly as I am very poor at expressing my feelings, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say my sincere thanks for yesterday’s session.

As you know, whilst I consider myself a novice, I have had quite a few sessions with other mistresses (5) in the past and despite yesterday only being our second session together it was by far the best and most amazing session I have ever had.

In addition to the time during to session you are (I think) excellent at making me feel at ease before and after the session which lets me open up more.

You are so good at what you do!

Many thanks again.

Kind regards

Greetings Mistress Jane,         03rd Nov 2022

I would like to express my sincere thanks for accepting my application to join in your Multiple Milking event, held on 3rd November, and a first of its kind in the UK if not Europe (Perhaps the world?).

Ever since I first clapped my eyes on a piece of artwork by Sardax, if has been my fantasy to be simultaneously milked with other males by machine.

Run with military precision, I found the whole experience truly amazing. I can't wait for your next multiple milking event. You can definitely count me in!

You are simply one hell of a Mistress, and your chambers are jaw dropping!

Best wishes



Dearest MJ,                          5th Nov '22

Where to start. Firstly, what outstanding premises you have, wow.

I really enjoyed being one of your rubber milking drones last Saturday. I thought I'd feel awkward being milked with other guys, but it didn't bother me one bit. You put us all at ease with your banter while you were priming and positioning us all one by one. Your handling of the whole thing was very professional and friendly. 

The milking itself was astounding, as the milker started, I totally zoned out. I loved the rubber catsuit you gave me to wear, it helped get me in the mood straight away.

I really enjoyed the cup of tea and chat with the other rubber drones at the end, to my amazement I felt really comfortable. I'd love to come back if you'll have me Mistress Jane.

Warm wishes.


Rubber drone

Hi MJ,                                                                             4th Nov '22

Thanks for last week's session with you and Dr Sara. Very enjoyable indeed. 

I had a fantastic time. 

See you soon.

All the best.



Hello Jane,

I hope this message finds you well.

Although it's been a while since I had a session at your glorious chambers due to moving further away. To compensate I recently subscribed to your wonderful clip store 


It helps to keep me in the loop and remind me of the all the fun times we had and what I'm missing out on. Great clips but let's see more of your smiling face please Mistress xx

Lots of love and wishes

Slave Alan.


Dear MJ, 10thMarch'23

A note to say Thank You for a great Role Play session this morning. The preparation, presentation and execution by Nurse Deadly and Harley Quinn was excellent.

A drained and happy Robin

Best wishes
Robin (The Boy Wonder)