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Male Milking

Male Milking

Just imagine being mechanically milked within an inch of your life. Utter Bliss I’d say, wouldn’t you? Of course, this isn’t what every sub wants or is indeed capable of, but there we go. Horses for courses. I could talk about male milking until the cows cum home, if you’ll excuse the pun. I just love extracting your man juice!

The Milking Parlour

Welcome to the UK’s very first dedicated Male Milking Parlour where men get milked at my leisure. Now I know not all of you chaps have endless amounts of milk for me to syphon. Some cum just the once, and that’s fine. We must not try and write cheques our bodies can't cash!! Sometimes it's not quantity, unless that’s what that particular scene demands. Its quality. A long tease, deny and edging until Your Mistress allows you to climax.

Watch five rubber drones being milked at my male milking parlour


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However, having said that, there are some freaks of nature. Oh yes, those who can cum again and again and again. I think 8 cums in 3 hours and 40 minutes is the record so far. Held by a long standing client who even surprised himself with that outcum…lol.

My Male Milking Parlour is quite unique. Capable of milking up to six males simultaneously and every so often I hold Group Milking events. These events are advertised in my blog area and my What's-on page, plus my twitter timeline.

I have had a long fascination for Male Milking and the methods on how to achieve it. I also have a fixation for gadgetry such as male mechanical sex toys, milking and masturbation devices. That is what has led me down this path, it's what I enjoy, and I also notice you boys also enjoy it too…. understatement of the year!