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Before making contact make sure you have read through my site thoroughly. Some procedures aren't suitable for people with certain health issues, so be honest, its for your own good!.

Withheld numbers will be ignored. Timewasters blacklisted and logged. I HAVE A MINIMUM AGE REQUIRMENT OF 30 YEARS!

When contacting me by email make sure you supply the following information:

  • Your age (I have a minimum age requirement of 30 years).
  • A contact number (this is for reference only).
  • If you're on Twitter, what is your angle.
  • A brief synopsis of any experience you might have plus what activities you'd wish to include during your appointment on this occasion. Make sure your interests align with mine.
  • Disclose and health issues you might have plus any medication you are taking. 
  • Do you have any allergies.
  • If you want to wear latex during your appointment I will need your chest, waist and shoe sizes plus your height. (If your waist is larger than 40" and chest 48" you will need to supply your own latex).
  • Please include a selection of dates for me to choose from plus the time of day that best suits you as well as the session duration that you seek. Please be flexible. The more dates you supply the more chance of gaining an appointment.
  • For sessions exceeding 3 hours a pre-paid deposit will be required from new clients.


All services are carried out at Your own risk. By applying for an appointment with Mistress Jane you are acknowledging and agreeing to this disclaimer. This is Fetish play only.